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Brendan Fernandes: Lost Bodies
Delinda Collier, Kevin D. Dumouchelle, Amanda Gilvin, Amanda Jane Graham, Erica P. Jones and Nat Trotman

Lost Bodies.jpgspacer.gifStarting with the body as a place of knowing, Fernandes offers multiple points of connection that draw upon traditional African textiles, costume and masks, gestures of Western ballet, and elegant, poetic dance choreographies within the museum vault. With this fresh approach to re-presenting African artifacts, he invokes a long-absent live-ness and reconsiders selections from two major collections in a set of new video, print and spatial intercessions. Fernandes’ montage of classical dance and the collected object is concentrated around precise body language that raises questions about the visual and discursive habits that shape understandings of African art within Western museums. Essays by specialists in art performance, dance history and African art explore the implications of Fernandes’ intervention with two of Canada’s most distinctive collections of African art: The Justin and Elisabeth Lang Collection of African Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the collection of the Textile Museum of Canada. Brendan Fernandes is a Brooklyn-based Canadian artist of Kenyan and Indian descent. His work has been widely exhibited most notably at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Art and Design New York, National Gallery of Canada, Art in General, MASS MoCA, Andy Warhol Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Sculpture Center, Deutsche Guggenheim and Stedelijk Museum. Fernandes has participated in numerous residency programs including The Canada Council for the Arts International Residency in Trinidad and Tobago and The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Work Space. He is a 2014 recipient of a Robert Rauschenberg Residency Fellowship and in 2016 he will be artist in residence at Northwestern University in the Department of Dance Studies. Delinda Collier is Assistant Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Kevin D. Dumouchelle is Associate Curator for the Arts of Africa and the Pacific Islands at the Brooklyn Museum. Amanda Gilvin is Associate Curator of Collections at the Davis Museum at Wellesley College. Amanda Jane Graham is the Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Dance Studies at Northwestern University. Erica P. Jones is Assistant Curator of African Art at the UCLA Fowler Museum. Nat Trotman is Curator of Performance and Media at the Guggenheim Museum.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (11/2016) 128 pp col. ill. 8.5 x 5.5 in softcover   9781553394938   $27.00 Can. $29.00 U.S.

The Artist Herself: Self-Portraits by Canadian Historical Women Artists

Alicia Boutilier and Tobi Bruce

artistherself.jpgspacer.gifA stunningly illustrated look at the ways in which women artists have given profound expression to their identities from colonial times to 1970. From Pauline Johnson’s performance costumes representing her dual Mohawk and Euro-Canadian identity to Emily Carr’s painting of herself from the back at her easel, from Hannah Maynard’s playful photographs of her multiple selves to Pitseolak Ashoona’s sly comment on her participation in the Inuit art market, this publication brings to light a rich but unexplored aspect of women’s lives in Canadian society. Drawing upon our fascination with self-portraits, The Artist Herself expands the genre’s definition by moving beyond the human face to propose other forms of self-representation, from both settler and Indigenous perspectives. The result is a thought-provoking selection of works by 42 women artists in a range of media, including paintings, textiles, photographs and film.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (05/2015) 176 pp col. ill. 12 x 9.5 in softcover   9781553394075  $35.00 Can. $40.00 U.S.

Akram Zaatari: All Is Well

Vicky Moufawad-Paul and Judith Rodenbeck

AkramZaatari.jpgspacerAkram Zaatari has emerged as one of the most prominent commentators on photography in the Middle East. Through film, video and photography, he explores the precarious status of archives in times of war, as well as their discursive limits as narrators of Lebanon’s history. His investigations make us witnesses to powerful accounts of a period marked by the violence and disorientation of the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990). Zaatari’s works provide a glimpse of what has been concealed from view and hidden inside bodies, and exhumes what has been buried in the earth: letters written in code passed through censors, tiny letters swallowed and delivered after defecation, instantaneous chats between lovers presented as a letter, and reassuring letters enclosed within mortar casings. Published with Carleton University Art Gallery.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (03/2015) 64 pp col. ill. 9.25 x 7 in hardcover   9781553394020   $22.00 Can $26.00 U.S.

Terms of Engagement: Averns, feldman-kiss, Stimson

Christine Conley and Kirsty Robertson

terms.jpgspacer.gifThe Canadian Forces Artists Program (CFAP) was launched in 2001 to embed artists alongside Canadian troops. This publication documents work by three artists who have recently been deployed to conflict zones as CFAP participants. Dick Averns was hosted by the Multinational Force and Observers at North Base, Sinai, in Egypt during 2009; nichola feldman-kiss was embedded with the United Nations Mission in Sudan in 2011; and Adrian Stimson was stationed at Forward Operating Base Ma`sum Ghar and Kandahar in Afghanistan in 2010. Co-published with the Esker Foundation.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2014) 68 pp col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover   9781553394037   $30.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

The Adoration of the Shepherds by El Greco

David McTavish

ELGreco.gifspacer.gifA scholar of European art brings new understanding to this Greco-Italian masterpiece. In 1991 Queen's University's Agnes Etherington Art Centre acquired a remarkable small Adoration of the Shepherds painting by El Greco from donors Alfred and Isabel Bader.. Using investigative methods that include radiography and infared refelectography, the author maps out the work’s position in relation to the artist’s early production but also to Cretan art, Renaissance prints and works by Titian, whose ability to convey dramatic light and dynamic movement left an indelible mark on his young Greek follower.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (04/2014) 48 pp 22 col ill. 9 x 7 in softcover   9781553394044   $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

The Bader Collection: European Paintings

David de Witt

bader2.gifspacer.gifThis new publication presents the substantial group of over fifty remarkable paintings from European Schools, notably Italy, Germany, France and England. A breathtaking early El Greco, a classic Dosso Dossi, an evocative late Luca Giordano, a truly surprising Georg Pencz, as well as a signal masterpiece by the Milanese master Andrea Lanzani highlight the quality and breadth of this part of the collection. David de Witt is Bader Curator of European Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and the author of The Bader Collection: Dutch and Flemish Paintings.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (04/2014) 220 pp 212 col. ill. 12 x 10 in hardcover  9781553394013  $55.00 Can. $69.00 U.S.

A Canadian Collection: The Soloway Gift

Alicia Boutilier

solloway.jpgspacer.gifOver the second half of the twentieth century, Canadian philanthropist Ruth Soloway quietly built an astounding collection of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture spanning the 1840s to the 1980s. From naturalistic landscapes of the nineteenth century to the bold views of Emily Carr and David Milne; from avant-garde abstractions by Paul-Émile Borduas and Jean-Paul Riopelle to figurative paintings by Alex Colville and Jean Paul Lemieux, from William Kurelek’s Prairie children to Michael Snow’s Walking Woman, the collection reveals a deep passion and keen eye for Canadian art. .

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (10/2013) 60 pp 30 col. ill. 10 x 9.75 in softcover  9781553394006  $15.00 Can. $19.00 U.S.

Déjà déjà visité: Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie, Maayke Schurer

Sunny Kerrddva.gif ddvb.gif ddvc.gifspacer.gif
The work of three artists reveals new attitudes towards the representation of landscape. Mike Bayne, Jocelyn Purdie and Maayke Schurer enlist subtle shifts of scale and devalued skills torevisit our sense of place.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (07/2013) 41 pp 16 col. ill. 7.5 x 4.75 in softcover  978-1-55339-397-9   $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.

Erin Shirreff
Jan Allen, Sandra Dyck, and Jenifer Papararo

shirreff.jpgspacer.gifAccompanying the Brooklyn-based Canadian artist’s solo museum exhibition, this first monograph reveals an artistic practice that is conceptually rich and imbued with a lush sense of history. Engaging with various media, with works in video, photography and sculpture, the artist riffs on the traditions of Modernism and Conceptualism to interrogate time and materiality. In her investigation of systems and forms of knowledge Shirreff’s work is situated in the lineage of figures such as Robert Smithson and Thomas Struth.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (04/2013) 78 pp 48 col. ill. 11.5 x 9.5 in hardcover   978-1-897302-59-0   $30.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

A Vital Force: The Canadian Group of Painters
Alicia Boutilier, Anna Hudson, Heather Home and Linda Jansma

vitaleforceweb.jpgspacer.gifFounded in 1933 in reaction to the established view of the Group of Seven as the “national art of Canada”, this diverse group of progressive young artists was the first to aspire to cross-Canada representation of modernist art. Yet the Canadian Group of Painters (CGP) has not entered popular lexicon as did its famous predecessor. Artists include Jack Bush, Emily Carr, Paraskeva Clark, Lawren S. Harris, E. J. Hughes, Jack Humphrey, Prudence Heward, Jock Macdonald, David Milne, Lilias Torrance Newton, Goodridge Roberts and Marian Dale Scott. 

Agnes Etherington Art Centre / The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (03/2013) 128 pp 70 col. ill. 10 x 8.5 in softcover  978-1-55339-264-4  $35.00 Can. $40.00 U.S.

Une force vive : le Groupe des Peintres canadiens

Alicia Boutilier, Anna Hudson, Heather Home et Linda Jansma
uneforcevive.gifspacer.gifDès le début des années trente, le Groupe des Sept est devenu « l’école nationale » du Canada, dictant l’image de l’art canadien à l’étranger. Les inquiétudes relatives à l’exclusion des artistes plus jeunes et progressistes ont conduit à la formation du Groupe des Peintres canadiens en 1933. Parmi les membres du nouveau groupe, on retrouvait la plupart des artistes progressistes anglophones de l’époque, tels que Jack Bush, Emily Carr, Paraskeva Clark, E. J. Hughes, Prudence Heward, Jock Macdonald, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, David Milne, Goodridge Roberts et Marian Dale Scott. En français.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre / Robert McLaughlin Gallery (03/2013) 128 pp 70 ill. coul. 10 x 8.5 po souple  978-1-55339-395-5   $35.00 Can. $40.00 U.S.

Howie Tsui: Friendly Fire

Jan Allen, Steven Loft and Paul Robertson

Tsui.gifspacer.gifHowie Tsui’s extraordinary Friendly Fire exhibition blends the history of medicine with a haunting, unruly commemoration of the War of 1812 in this collaborative presentation produced with the Museum of Health Care at Kingston. Three essays explore Tsui’s practice and the aspects of the War illuminated by his installations, including the psychological conditions of war, factitious diseases and self-injury, counter-narratives of conflict, ethno-political strife, medical theories and practices of the period, the uneasy relations between the British and their aboriginal allies, and carnivalesque representations of war in popular culture.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (01/2013) 64 pp 30 col. ill. 9 x 8 in softcover  978-1-55339-263-7 $22.00 Can. $25.00 U.S.

Bernard Clark: Tattoo Portraits
Jan Allen

bernardclark.gifspacer.gifDrawing on Bernard Clark’s success as a documentary photographer of ink culture, this publication features his composite portraits of tattooed individuals in landscape and architectural settings. In the eighteen recent works featured, Clark has digitally inserted his extraordinary subjects into surroundings that highlight the stridency of their self-definition through markings.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (01/2012)  36 pp 25 col. ill. 9 x 9 in softcover  978-1-55339-261-3  $14.00 Can. $17.00 U.S.

Annie Pootoogook: Kinngait Compositions

Jan Allen

pootoogook.gifspacer.gifWith drawings spanning 2001 to 2006, this publication focuses on Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, the Arctic community that has been the focus of Annie Pootoogook's practice. While her drawings offer an unflinching look at life in a community in transition, they also bears witness to the bonds among its people. In the context of the broad popular appeal of Inuit graphics, these works are distinguished by a disconcerting emotional reserve. The artist achieves a cool observational quality that pushes at the edges of comedy or hysteria, a condition of charged understatement that has drawn intense critical interest to her work. Annie Pootoogook is the granddaughter of the renowned graphic artist Pitseolak Ashoona and daughter of artist Napachie Pootoogook. Annie Pootoogook received the prestigious Sobey Art Award in 2006. Her drawings have been exhibited at the Power Plant (Toronto) and the Museum of theAmerican Indian (New York).

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2011) 64 pp 30 col. ill.10 x 8 in softcover  978-1-55339-260-6   $26.00 Can. $32.00 U.S.

Vera Frenkel: String Games
Jan Allen and Earl Miller
verafrenkel.gifspacer.gifIn 1974 Vera Frenkel explored real-time video transmission at the then-new Bell Canada Teleconferencing Studios in Toronto and Montreal. Giving her experiment an improvisational structure, she chose the cat’s cradle finger string game as the mode of orchestrated movement in service of a constantly transforming whole

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2011) 24 pp 12 bw il.l 7.5 x 11.5 softcover  978-1-55339-259-0  $12.00 Can. $14.95 U.S.

Solo: Studio-Watch Series
Jan Allen
solostudiowatch.gifspacer.gifThe Solo Studio-Watch Series of single-work presentations offers a snapshot of the interests and processes of six Kingston (Ontario) artists, showcasing a cross-section of current practices. An opening essays is followed by individual texts on each of the participants: Michael Davidge, Dornene Inglis, Erika Olsen, Chantal Rousseau, Su Sheedy and Lisa Visser.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2011)  16 pp 6 col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover  978-1-55339-252-1  $12.00 Can. $14.00 U.S.

Lost and Found: Wright of Derby's View of Gibraltar
John Bonehill, Janet M. Brooke, Barbara Klempan & David de Witt
lostfound.gifspacer.gifIn 1785, the British painter Joseph Wright of Derby (1734–1797) exhibited a large painting representing his country’s defense of the Rock of Gibraltar against Spanish attack in 1782. A specialist in dramatic light effects, Wright hoped his great battle picture would cap his career, and although it was purchased for a substantial sum at the time, it subsequently slipped from view and was considered lost by specialists in the field. In 2001, the Art Centre acquired a painting representing the same subject which has since been the subject of debate: was this picture, now in poor condition, a copy of Wright’s lost painting, a work by one of his contemporaries, or in fact Wright’s missing masterpiece?

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (March 2011) 66 pp 40 col. ill. 9.5 x 8.5 in softcover  978-1-55339-258-3   $29.95 Can.  $35.00 U.S.

Don Maynard: Franken Forest
Jan Allen & Linda Jansma

frankenforest.gifspacer.gifWhether sculpture, painting or video, Maynard’s work is distinguished by an adept use of light and perceptual ambiguity. This first monograph documents a new multi-media installation featuring a grove of fabricated trees and a stop-action video projection of a forest canopy.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2010) 48 pp 36 col. ill. 11 x 11 in softcover 978-1-55339-256-9  $18.00 Can. $22.00 U.S.

New Canadiana: The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund and Art as Social History
Jan Allen, Alicia Boutilier & Dorothy M. Farr
newcanadaina.gifspacer.gifThrough an audacious juxtaposition of historic with contemporary art spanning 1780 to 2005, this original publication exposes enduring issues and evolving narratives as perceived and recorded by artists. A wide range of work is discussed under three thematic banners: Settlement Nation and Migration, Nature and the Environment, and Social Life and Ritual.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2010) 92 pp 96 col. ill. 11 X 7.5 in softcover  978-1-55339-255-2  $29.00 Can.  $35.00 U.S.

William Brymner: Artist, Teacher, Colleague
Alicia Boutilier, Paul Maréchal, Lydia Bouchard & Hélène Sicotte

brymner.gifspacer.gifWilliam Brymner (1855-1925) is distinguished in the history of Canadian art as a painter of great talent and as an influential teacher who inspired many of Canada’s best-known modern artists. This lavishly illustrated publication features one of the most important public collections as well as one of most important private collections of Brymner’s work, that of Power Corporation of Canada. In English.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (03/2010) 140 pp col. ill. 11 x 8 in softcover  978-1-55339-251-4 $39.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

William Brymner : peintre, professeur, confrère
Alicia Boutilier, Paul Maréchal, Lydia Bouchard et Hélène Sicotte

brynerfr.gifspacer.gifWilliam Brymner (1855-1925) s’est distingué au sein de l’histoire de l’art canadien en tant que peintre d’un immense talent, ainsi qu’en tant que professeur ayant inspiré plusieurs générations d’artistes modernes canadiens des plus connus. En tant que l’un des premiers artistes canadiens à étudier à l’étranger et, par la suite, soit de 1886 à 1921, en tant que directeur de l’école des beaux-arts de la Art Association of Montreal, l’ouverture de Brymner sur les nouveaux mouvements artistiques a édifier sa propre pratique artistique, ainsi que son approche pédagogique. En français.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (08/2010) 140 pp ill. coul. 27 x 23 cm souple  978-1-55339-254-5 $39.00 Can. $45.00 U.S.

Sorting Daemons: Art, Surveillance Regimes and Social Control
Jan Allen, Kirsty Robertson & Sarah E.K. Smith
Sorting.gifspacer.gifThe work of sixteen artists who address the social, psychological, political and aesthetic dimensions of surveillance systems. Participating artists include Antonia Hirsch, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Germaine Koh and Ian Verchere, Michael Lewis, Walid Raad, David Rokeby and Cheryl Sourkes.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (01/2010) 72 pp col. ill. 12 x 9 in softcover 978-1-55339-253-8 $32.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

Karin Davie: Underworlds

Jan Allen

Karin Davie is a leading artist in the current wave of painting practices transforming the legacy of high modernism to capture the fluid dynamics of contemporary culture: this is abstraction for the 21st century. Through bravura paint handling she achieves an improbable fusion of the cerebral with the emotional and the metaphorical with the performative. This first monograph features the breakthrough paintings of the early 1990s along with new works.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (08/2009) 32 pp 20 col. ill. 11 x 11 in hardcover 978-1-55339-095-4 $19.95 Can. $22.95 U.S.

Matt Rogalsky: When he was in high school in Texas, Eric Ryan Mims used a similar arrangement to detect underground nuclear tests in Nevada
Matt Rogalsky & Jan Allen

Inspired by a booklet published by Radio Shack, Rogalsky's audio installation takes the form of a tangle of circuit-boards and sensors registering minute vibrations of the gallery floor. The readings are processed into ambient sound. The installation touches on our relationship with the environment, including the widening band of surveillance.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (07/2009) DVD & booklet 19 pp col. ill. 8 x 5 in hardcover 978-1-55339-087-9 $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

The Bader Collection: Dutch and Flemish Paintings

David de Witt

bader.gifspacer.gifThis extraordinary collection demonstrates a rich interplay of interests and insights, at the same time drawing back the curtain on the motivations and principles behind these remarkable acquisitions, whose history dates back to 1950. This scholarly publication presents 200 paintings that form the collection's focus, with work by Rembrandt, Jan Lievens, Willem Drost, Jacob van Ruisdael, Philips Koninck and other luminaries.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (03/2008) 342 pp 455 ill (170 col.) 12 x 9 in. hardcover   9781553390947   $72.00 Can. $79.95 U.S.

Beyond the Silhouette: Fashion and the Women of Historic Kingston
M. Elaine MacKay

Costume specialist M. Elaine MacKay provides an in-depth study of 20 garments dating from 1815 to the 1930s which opens a window onto the history of women and introduces a remarkable but little-known collection to the public. Beautifully illustrated with professional comments regarding all forms of stitching, sewing, patterns, and needle types of the era.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (07/2007) 82 pp 58 ill. 11 x 8 in softcover 978-1-55339-093-0 $29.95 Can./U.S.

Etherington House: Building a Legacy
Patricia Sullivan

This well-illustrated book tells the story of Agnes Etherington and her home's transformation into a public art gallery, and provides information on selected decorative arts on view in Etherington House. Among the artists discussed are Laura Knight, Grant Macdonald and Agnes Etherington herself.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (05/2007) 39 pp 30 ill. (24 col.) 8.5 x 7 in softcover 978-1-55339-091-6 $11.95 Can./U.S.

Lyla Rye: Hopscotch
Kenneth Hayes

Hopscotch is an installation mixing digital video with space-transforming grid-lines inscribed across the gallery floor and walls, an aesthetically charged musing on habitation. Hayes, an architectural historian, sets the work in the context of the artist's long-standing engagement with architectural space.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (12/2007) 38 pp 9 ill (6 col.) 7 x 5 $12.00 Can./U.S.

Telling Stories, Secret Lives
Jan Allen, Steven Matijcio et al

Inspired by an upsurge in the use of narrative in contemporary art, this publication reconsiders installation and sculptural works by taking into account their narrative potential and by making tangible the imaginative trajectories they embody. To accomplish this, seven writers respond to works by seven artists. Through prose and poetry they take approaches ranging from counterpoint to empathetic engagement with their subject work. This inventive publication presents each text adjacent to its its subject image, an essay, as well as catalogue entries on each of the works with summary texts, artists' statements and bibliographical notes. Featured artists are Dorothy Cameron, Ian Carr-Harris, Robin Collyer, Vera Frenkel, Myfanwy MacLeod, Sandra Meigs and Terry Pfliger.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (03/2007) 54 pp 7 col. ill. 8 x 6 in softcover 978-1-55339-088-6 $18.00 Can./US.

"An Artist After All": Daniel Fowler in Canada
Dorothy M. Farr

The rural landscapes of watercolourist Daniel Fowler (1810 -1894) are among the most evocative images of nineteenth-century Canada. Colour plates, archival photographs and writings by the artist bear witness to the isolated life of a pioneer farmer and to the cultural aspirations on new Canadians in the country's formative years.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (09/2006) 72 pp 20 col. ill. 12 x 10 in softcover 1-55339-090-3 $20.00

Sarindar Dhaliwal: Record Keeping
Sunil Gupta, Richard Fung, Janice Cheddie et al

This internationally produced publication presents 15 years of an œuvre born from a concern with the complex cultural background of Diasporic women who do not sit comfortably in their host societies and who question assumptions made about them.

Agnes Etherinton Art Centre (2205) 48 pp 26 col. ill. 7 x 8.5 in softcover 1-899127-05-4 $23.00

Ah, Wilderness! Resort Architecture in the Thousand Islands
Pierre de la Ruffinière du Prey & Dorothy Farr

The Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River is home to some of the world's most spectacular summer retreats.This richly illustrated volume examines the architects, the owners and the architectural and social histories they embody.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2004) 128 pp 110 ill (72 col.) 10 x 8.5 in softcover 0-88911-543-5 $29.95

Machine Life
Jan Allen, Ihor Holubizky & Caroline Seck Langill

Essays trace the history of and current tendencies in robotic and interactive art through the work of Norman White and the artists he has taught and influenced over the past quarter century. The accompanying CD Rom highlights ten individual works. Produced in collaboration with the Koffler Gallery. Previously announced.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2004) 63 pp 26 ill (12 col) 8 x 7 in softcover 0-88911-918-x $20.00

Gary Kibbins: Grammar Horses
Jan Allen & Gary Kibbins

Known for the absurdist humour, political acuity and intellectual depth of his work in film and video, Kibbins' multi-media installation explores the failure of syntax to guarantee meaning through a strategy the artist describes as atheistic evangelicalism.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2003) 82 pp 18 ill. 9.5 x 6.5 in softcover 0-88911-916-3 $15.00

A Gift of Genius: A Rembrandt for Kingston
David de Witt & Angela Roberts

Rembrandt's Head of an Old Man in a Cap, recently donated to the Centre is a rare firmly-attributed Rembrandt in a Canadian museum. With an illustrated essay.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2003) 6 pp. col. ill. 11 x 7.5 in 0-88911-904-X $5.00

Jan Allen, Jim Drobnick & Jennifer Fisher

Intended to expand the discourse on the role of the museum, these essays interrogate conventions of display and re-imagine how artifacts are exhibited and history is represented.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2002) 112 pp col. ill. 9x7 in. softcover 0889119082 $22.00

Better Worlds: Activist and Utopian Projects by Artists
Jan Allen & Laura U. Marks

An examination of the relationship between individual and collective wills as they navigate the shifting matrices of economy and state. Participants include Eleanor Bond, Luis Jacob and Mindy Yan Miller.

Agnes Etherington Art Centre (2002) 56 pp 9.5x8 in ill softcover 0889119120 $16.00