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Modern Makers
Esther E. Shipman

modernmakers.jpgspacer.gifThe conceptual approach and remarkable technical expertise presented in this exhibition catalogue, fuses design, art, and craft, and challenges our preconception of domestic obj ects and furniture. Featuring multiple works by four established and influential makers: Brent Comber (North Vancouver), Heidi Earnshaw (Toronto), Gord Peteran (Toronto), Brian Richer (Toronto).

Idea Exchange (06/2015) 36 pp col. ill. 6 x 6 in softcover   9781897001561   $10.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

Slip + Inject: Ceramics Unmolded

Esther E. Shipman

slipinkjet.jpgspacer.gifThis exhibition catalogue features design ceramics by three leading Canadian innovators and mould makers extraordinaire. The exhibition encompasses one-off, limited and mass production products and focuses on the process as well as the finished product, highlighting a selection of retrospective and recent works by Angelo di Petta (Ontario), Denise Goyer + Alain Bonneau (Quebec), and Koen de Winter (Quebec). Each designer has utilized both experimental and classic techniques to push the boundaries of clay casting, and has achieved international recognition of their work.

Idea Exchange (06/2015) 36 pp col. ill. 6 x 6 in softcover   9781897001554  $10.00 Can. $15.00 U.S

Lyn Carter: Material Becomings

Corinna Ghaznavi 

lyncarter.gifspacer.gifLyn Carter's work combines intricate textile surfaces with sculptural forms and this publication documents two works exhibited in two different locations: Columna, originally presented the 3rd Guangzhou, China Triennial in 2008; and Beacon, created especially for this exhibition. Carter’s works hover between sculpture and abstract painting. The shapes themselves become both positive and negative, opening up larger play of space, colour, texture and illusion. While they are material bodies themselves, the works animate the space around them, prompting the viewer to question their perception. Since 1986, Carter has exhibited extensively across Canada at institutions such as the Textile Museum of Canada and The Power Plant.

Cambridge Galleries and Peel Art Gallery (01/2012) 32 pp 15 col. ill. 14 x 8 in softcover  978-1-897001-48-6  $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S. 

Susan Dobson: Shifting Tenses

Linda Jansma and Iga Janik
sdobson.gifspacer.gifSusan Dobson creates photographs, sometimes edited for effect, alongside video projection and large scale prints to glamorize and identify the quest for individuality suburbanites undertake in order to adorn their homes. Concepts of sameness contrasted with the quest for distinctiveness permeate her work, but the sense of the monotonous, repetitive design of suburbia is subtly subverted and elevated. Susan Dobson has participated in photography festivals including Contact (Toronto), Fotoseptiembre (Mexico City), Le Mois de la Photo (Montreal), Bitume/Bitumen (Brussels), and FotoNoviembre (Spain). 

Cambridge Galleries and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery  (01/2012) 58 pp 24 col. ill. 8 x 12 in softcover  978-1-926589-13-8  $20.00 Can. $23.00 U.S.

5%: Against the Odds, Canadian Women in Industrial Design

Esther E. Shipman
cdnwomen.gifspacer.gifHelen Kerr, Patty Johnson, Diane Bisson, Dianne Croteau, Rachel Dacks, Michelle Ivankovic and Cynthia Hathaway are not household names, but chances are that you have a product they have designed in your home, or office. This publication recognizes and celebrates the achievements of seven very talented Canadian women industrial designers, who against the odds, have built thriving and successful international careers. Seven individual presentations with an introduction.

Cambridge Galleries (01/2012) 36 pp 24 col. ill. 6 x 6 in softcover  978-1-897001-49-3  $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.

James Carl: do you know what (A Survey 1990-2008) 
Barbara Fischer, Robert Enright and Ivan Jurakic
This first major survey of works by the Toronto based artist documents exhibitions held at three venues. Each venue focuses on particular aspects of Carl’s sculptural and graphic production from 1990 to the present, highlighting the artist’s preoccupation with the normal, the moral, and the all-too-common. James Carl caught the art world’s attention with an ambitious series of scale cardboard replicas of consumer and household appliances. Since then his interest in replicating objects from the flow of consumer culture has evolved into work such as carving Styrofoam fast-food containers from marble and fabricating elastic bands from clay. This stark juxtaposition of materials resists commentary in favour of confronting the viewer with factual presentations of sculptural objects or their graphic equivalents. Co-published with the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.
Cambridge Galleries (11/2009) 128 pp col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover 978-0-772760-72-2 $25.00 Can. $26.95 U.S.

Logotopia: The Library in Architecture, Art and the Imagination

Edited by Esther E. Shipman & Sascha Hastings

With contributions by:
Architects: Hariri Pontarini Architects; Kongats Architects; Patkau Architects; Shigeru Ban Architects; Shim-Sutcliffe Architects; Snøhetta Architects. Writers: Lise Bissonnette, Ray Bradbury, Alberto Manguel, Robert Jan van Pelt, Nora Young. Artists: Adam David Brown, Douglas Coupland, Denis Farley, Guy Laramée, Michael Lewis.

Logotopia.gifspacer.gifWhy are libraries such desirable commissions for contemporary architects and the frequent source of inspiration for artists and writers through the ages? Logotopia - the ancient Greek for "word place" - explores the library through architecture, art, and literature. With an astonishing multidisciplinary approach, these original writings examine both ancient and contemporary libraries - notably Egypt's Biblioteca Alexandria and Japan's Library of a Poet - as well as libraries of the imagination as seen through fiction, art, new media and pop culture. Punctuated with interviews and essays, Logotopia explores the library as a concept and a built form through four distinct forms - the Universal Library, the National Library, the Public Library and the Private Library. Discussions range from ancient Alexandria to modern Baghdad and from personal experiences to national identities. This original collection is richly illustrated with photographs, sculptures, models and installations from the past, present and perhaps the future.

Cambridge Galleries (02/2008) 128 pp 105 col. ill. 10 x 8.5 in softcover 978-1-897001-26-4 $28.95 Can. $32.00 U.S.

41° to 66° : Regional Responses to Sustainable Architecture in Canada

John McMinn & Marco Polo

41to66.gifspacer.gif41° to 66° presents a selection of contemporary buildings organized within six distinct cultural and geographic regions of Canada: the Arctic, West Coast, Mountain, Prairie, Continental and Atlantic. The publication features a variety of leading contemporary Canadian architects whose work draws on iconic Canadian building types like the igloo, tepee and sod house as a means to address regional and cultural identity, landscape, climate and sustainability issues. Contributing architects include Busby Perkins + Will, Patkau Architects, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB) Architects and Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

Cambridge Galleries, Design at Riverside (12/2005)  60 pp col. ill. 10 x 13 in softcover 1-897001-15-0  $28.95