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Sounding Selves
Heather Anderson and Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay 
soundingselves.gifspacerSounding Selvesinvestigates aspects of our aural experience of the world through works that emphasize the acts of listening, embodying and (re)producing sound. Using video - a visual and aural medium that contextualizes the circumstances of these various sonic encounters - as well as an audio installation and a performance piece, artists explore the manner in which sound takes on social, cultural and political resonances that are foundational to communication, the formation of identity and the expression of self. Participating artists are Antonia Hirsch, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Jani Ruscica, Anri Sala and Jana Sterbak. 

Dalhousie Art Gallery (10/2012) 40 pp 17 col. ill. 9 x 7 in softcover  978-0-7703-0689-2  $20.00 Can. $23.00 U.S.

Martha Wilson.: Staging the Self
Peter Dykhuis, Jayne Wark and Martha Wilson

marthawilson.gifspacerMartha Wilson is an American feminist who began her career in the early 1970s at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Working in the male-dominated Conceptualist milieu of the time, Wilson generated pioneering photographic and video work that explored her female subjectivity through role playing and invasions of male and other female personas. After moving to New York City in 1975, she further developed her performative and video-based practice in founding and directing Franklin Furnace, an artist-run centre dedicated to the exploration and promotion of innovative installation, performance and time-based art practices. This publication chronicles Wilson’s journey from the virtual isolation of her early work to the transformative experience of working with then-unknown artists like Jenny Holzer and Shirin Neshat in a socially-engaged feminist art practice that defied and challenged established artistic and political values. 

Dalhousie Art Gallery (10/2011) 72 pp 45 ill. 9 x 7 in softcover 978-0-770300-28-9  $25.00 Can. $28.00 U.S. (20 €)

Giving Notice: Words on Walls

Peter Dykhui & Jessica Wyman

givingnotice.gifspacerPublication of a group exhibition featuring phrases and sentences applied directly to gallery walls by means of hand painted letters, custom-cut vinyl, and applied font-based words. Participating artists: Brad Buckley, Cathy Busby, Garry Neill Kennedy, Gordon Lebredt, Micah Lexier & Christian Bok and Lawrence Weiner.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2010) 46 pp 23 col. ill. 11 x 8 in softcover  978-0-7703-1615-0   $25.00 Can. U.S.

David Diviney: Head for the Hills

Peter Dykhuis & Donna Wawzonek

daviddiviney.gifspacerDavid Diviney’s sculptures are made from everyday hardware-store supplies and lumberyard materials and deftly use Minimalist aesthetics and production sensibilities.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2010) 32 pp 23 col. ill. 9 x 7 in softcover 978-07703-1616-7  $10.00 Can. U.S.

Black & White with Storylines: Ron Shuebrook & Carol Wainio

Gary Michael Dault & Ron Shuebrook
Publication of a joint exhibition wherein Ron Shuebrook, a senior Canadian artist is paired with Carol Wainio, a younger artist for whom he played a mentoring role. Shuebrook’s paintings and collages are explorations in black, white and the spectrum of grays in between. Wainio’s paintings create landscapes populated with figures from childhood storybooks. Both artists share strong formal concerns about how their ‘figures’ integrate into the ‘grounds’ of their spatial constructions.
Dalhoiusie Art Gallery (11/2009) 32 pp col. ill. 9 x 8 in softcover 978-0-770316-11-2 $15.00 Can. $16.95 U.S. (12 euros)

Exalted Beings: Animal Relationships

Peter Dykhuis

Publication of a group exhibition devoted to the relationship between the animal and the human in a postmodern context. Here the human being is either depicted or implied along side that of the animal being, with most of the animals domestic and familiar creatures, or as icons within religious systems such as Buddhism. Participating artists include Kelly Mark, Susan McEachern, Jan Peacock and William Wegman.

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (11/2008) 48 pp col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 978--0-7703-1610-5 $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S. (8 euros)

Close to You: Contemporary Textiles, Intimacy and Popular Culture

Sarah Quinton

An examination of the use of idioms and images from popular culture in the work of contemporary textile artists from Canada and the United States. Participating artists Ai Kijima, Scott Kildall, Allyson Mitchell, Mark Newport and Michèle Provost explore popular myth, comic book heroics and contemporary social and sexual mores through their material practices of knitting, appliqué, embroidery and crochet. Their evident skill and craftsmanship acknowledges traditional craft values even as their cultural and critical sensibilities position them within more recent "neo-craft" practices.

Dalhousie Art Gallery / Textile Museum of Canada (01/2008)
48 pp 17 col. ill. 11.5 x 8 in softcover 978-0-7703-2755-2 $25.00 (20 euros)

Lani Maestro: Sing Mother (Twilight eats you)
Susan Gibson Garvey & Erin Mouré

Interested in the experience of subjectivity, Maestro creates works that emanate a quiet, poetic sensibility yet place us physically and emotionally au point, treading a line between what is possible to say or know and what can only be experienced beyond language. Erin Mouré is an award-winning Canadian poet.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (07/2007) 56 pp col. ill. 8 x 9 in softcover 978-0-7703-274-7-7 $20.00 Can./U.S. (16 euros)

Gerald Ferguson: Frottage Works 1994 - 2006 & Ash Can Paintings 2006
Gerald Ferguson & Susan Gibson Garvey

This publication provides an overview of Ferguson's 15-year exploration of "frottage," including fireback paintings, clothes line abstractions, rod, rope and hose works, drop cloth paintings, and fence and drain cover pieces, among others, as well as his most recently finished series Ash Can Paintings. Opposite each image is a text by the artist that documents the development and progress of each series.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (07/2007) 40 pp col. ill. 8 x 9.5 in softcover 978-0-7703-274-9-1 $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

Material Transfer
Susan Gibson Garvey

Through material interventions and processes young artists transform mundane objects from a recognizable mode into one less definable, resulting in objects that tend to sit between classifiable things.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (04/2007) 24 pp, 11 ill. 5.5 x 8 in saddle stitched 0-7703-2747-8 $8.00

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby: Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure
Emily Jones
Publications accompanying the presentation of a video by the artist duo.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (02/2007) 12 pp ill. 5 x 5.5 in ISBN: 978-0-7703-2745-3 $3.00 Can.U.S. (2 euros)

Bryan Maycock: (De)composed
Susan Gibson Garvey

Mixed-media works produced within the framework of art history and popular fiction that stretch the notion of decomposition into unpredictable dimensions.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (02/2007) 20 pp col. ill. 7 x 7 in ISBN: 978-07703-2743-9 $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

The Idea of North
Rhonda Corvese et al

Sound-based artists from Canada, Iceland, Norway and Sweden explore the idea of North as a perception of place and locality rather than as a geographic location. The title refers to an early Glenn Gould composition meant to reveal the "tone" of a place as something more than the sum of words and sounds. The publication includes writing from each of the venues, a curatorial essay and comments by the Icelandic and Norwegian curators. The DVD contains sound and video excerpts as well as visuals from all of the artists. Participating Canadian artists include Jean-Pierre Gauthier and Marla Hlady. Co-published with Eyelevel Gallery and Saint Mary's University Art Gallery.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (01/2006) 52 pp col. ill. 6 x 6 in softcover with DVD 0-7703-2739-7 $15.00 Can./U.S. (12 euros)

Susan Feindel: Scan
Susan Gibson Garvey

Through paintings, videos, bookworks and mixed-media installations, Susan Feindel investigates remote sensing in marine and medical environments. The works in Scan are prompted by the artist's ecological concerns for the fragile structures of marine life off the coast of Nova Scotia and the complexities of the human presence there.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (11/2005) 44 pp 28 ill (19 col) 9 x 6 in softcover 0-7703-2737-0 $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

Alex Livingston: Paintings 1985-2005
Susan Gibson Garvey

This mid-career survey exhibition spans 20 years of work by the Halifax-based painter, from his early colourful expressionist imagery, through biomorphic figuration to his recent abstractions of land and water forms. In her catalogue essay, Garvey examines Livingston's painting investigations and experiments, teasing out the many threads of his oeuvre in order to make sense of the parts as facets of a rich and consistent whole.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2005) 40 pp 33 col. ill. 9.5 x 8 in softcover 0-7703-2733-8 $15.00 Can./U.S. (12 euros)

Stephen Schofield: At Play
Ian McKinnon

Schofield's sculptures, by turns perplexing, elegant, amusing and challenging, range from seemingly abstract structures, through partially figurative, often surreal assemblages to highly representational figures that revel in their own sensual presence. MacKinnon discuses four distinct groups of Schofield's vast and varied scultpural output.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2004) 40 pp 17 col.ill. 6.75 x 5 in softcover 0-7703-2729-X $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

Paul Griffin: Signs
Robert Bean

Griffin's spare, black and white images centre on that ubiquitous symbol of urban commercialism: the advertising billboard. His billboards, however, are oddly-shaped and blank and are gesticulating silhouettes communicating in a strange post-industrial language. Bean traces the links between Griffin's work and historical "documentary style" photography especially that of Walker Evans.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2004) 36 pp, 17 ill. 8.5 x 10 in softcover 0-7703-2727-3 $10.00 Can./U.S. (8 euros)

Atlantica: The View from Away
Jeffrey Spalding & Susan Gibson Garvey

This elegant publication presents the work of artists from other parts of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States who came to the Canadian Atlantic region in the first half of the twentieth century to paint. These artists were either significantly transformed by the experience themselves or had important influence on other artists of the region. In his essay, Jeffrey Spalding, director of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, presents an informative perspective on the art of this region and period. With colour illustrations of works by Group of Seven members Lawren S. Harris, A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer and J.E.H. MacDonald as well as by Marsden Hartley, Rockwell Kent and many more.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2004) 72 pp col. ill. 10.5 x 9 in softcover 0-7703-2723-0 $15.00 (12 euros)

Theodore Wan (Out of Print))
Christine Conley

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (2003) 100 pp col. ill. 12x10 in softcover 0-7703-2719-2 $25.00

Dalhousie Art Gallery: The Collection
Susan Gibson Garvey

The Dalhousie Art Gallery is one of of one of Canada's oldest collecting galleries. This richly illustrated publication marks two events: the University's 50th anniversary and the completion of the digitalization of the Gallery's entire collection. Selections devoted to various aspects of both historical and contemporary art are interspersed with personal reflections by the many prominent art professionals who began their careers at the Gallery. The accompanying CD-Rom provides digitalized examples of dozens of Canada's most significant paintings and drawings.

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (2003) 184 pp (with CD Rom) 7.5 x 7.5 in col. ill. softcover 0-7703-0683-7 $25.00 (20 euros)

Hungry Eyes
Monica Tap
Publication of a group exhibition dedicated to contemporary abstract painting by mid-career artists with work by Jordan Broadworth, David Urban
and others.

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (2002) 35 pp 10 col. ill. 10x8.5 in 0770306810 $12.00

The World in the Evening: Sara Hartland-Rowe & Mitchell Wiebe
Susan Gibson Garvey

Catalogue of an exhibition dedicated to the narrative painting of the two Halifax artists. Each in her/his own way is inspired by a large repertoire of historical techniques, Hartland-Rowe by Quattrocentro fresco and Weibe by the Baroque to the abstract. Includes a 13x12 inch removable poster.

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (2002) 40 pp 14 col. ill. 7.5x6 in. softcover 0770327443 $10.00

Donald Lawrence: The Underwater Pinhole Photography Project
Susan Gibson Garvey, Katy McCormick et al.

With his elaborately constructed underwater pinhole cameras strapped onto his kayak, Lawrence documents his solo expeditions off the coast of Maine and Scotland and along Alaska's Kodiak River. The luminous pictures produced in his floating dark room are his discoveries but the entire process, with its deliberate references to 19th century geographic, scientific and literary explorations, is integral to his work. Muybridge, Marey and Jules Verne haunt Lawrence's discomfort within a society geared toward commodity fetishism yet each is obsessed with technological innovation and ascribes to the romantic ideal of nature as a mystical and sublime force. With an essay (in both English and French) and a lengthy interview. Donald Lawrence lives in Kamloops British Columbia.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2002) 45 pages, 31 ill. (8 col.) 9x7 in. softcover 0968450989 $15.00 (Can./U.S.)

Semble: Lyn Carter, Ginette Legaré & Jeannie Thib
Jeanne Randolphe & Susan Gibson Garvey

The publication's title alludes to the multiple lives of the sculptural constructions of the three artists and their affinities with places once known as "the domestic sphere" but more properly identified as the familiar, intimate and subconscious. Well-known psychiatrist and art theorist Randolph uses the works as a springboard for a meditation on affluence and consumerism, questioning distinctions made between creativity and productivity. Garvey finds the common thread binding together all these highly diverse objects: the tension of possibility and the constant flux of becoming/unbecoming. Cater, Legaré and Thib are Ontario-based and have exhibited widely, most notably at The Power Plant, Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery and the Leo Kamen Gallery. In English and French.

Dalhousie University Art Gallery (2002) 48 pages, 16 col. ill. 8x9 in. 0770327427 softcover $10.00 (Can./U.S.)

Black Body: Race, Resistance, Response
Pamela Edmonds & Anthony Joyette

Couched in this little publication, two large and insightful essays talk about the radicalization of the black body. Taking as their point of departure the work of six contemporary black artists from different parts of the country, the authors write about cultural racism, the colonialized body and the black body in Canadian art. With work by Buseje Bailey, Michael Chambers, Lucie Chan, Chrystal Clements, Rebecca Fisk and Gomo George. With artist statements.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2001) 31 pages 21 ill. (6 col.) 6.5x6.5 in. 0770327362 $5.00 (Can./U.S.)

Richard Mueller: The Material of Thought
Susan Gibson Garvey.

Garvey traces the philosophical/emotional threads in the radically different visual manifestations employed by the artist (sculpture, painting, layered glass) from the "firebox series' with its overtones of noxious industrialism, through the "cabinet of curiosities" with their interaction between Audubon and Descartes, to the most recent glass works described as "physically compelling and darkly emotional." Richard Mueller grew up in the USA and studied philosophy at SUNY (Buffalo) before moving to Canada where he teaches on the East Coast.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2001) 36 pages 33 ill. (21 col.) 9x9 in. softcover 0770306799 $12.00 (Can./U.S.)

Bedrock: Six Contemporary Artists from Iceland
Susan Gibson Garvey.

Based on personal visits, local research and consultation with Icelandic art historians, artists and gallery directors, Garvey's essay presents established artists of various disciplines within the artistic, historical and geographical context of this unique place. Built on glaciers and volcanoes, virtually devoid of trees, and with a population base so small that its citizens are the subject of an intense genetic mapping, Iceland has a particular yet intense artistic identity - as evidenced here. All artists live and work in Reykjavik.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2000) 40 pp 15 ill. (11 col.) 10x8 in. softcover 0770327265 $10.00

Engaging the Virtual
Doug Porter.

'Engaging the Virtual' brings together some of Canada's foremost artists in the area of new media. Claiming that all art is virtual since its goal is to construct alternate universes, Porter draws two definitions of the virtual: that which is visible but remote, and that which is present but hidden. The latter definition identifies the work of the nine artists presented here. Rather than presenting the painter's articulated vision, new media artists construct an environment to facilitate an experience, ignoring modes of representation in favor of direct presencing. Some artists use technology to communicate their work, some work with its event-recording capabilities while others still have applied these tools to more subversive ends and require bodily participation of the visitor. But no matter the tools, the goal of all new media artists, as identified by Porter, is more akin to Modernism's refusal to communicate a specific message than to any PostModernist agenda. Work by Juan Greer, Laiwan, Jacques Perron and more.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2000) 40 pp 18 ill. 10x9 in. softcover 0770327222 $10.00

The Very Thing
Susan Gibson Garvey & Robin Metcalfe.

Believing that a certain kind of sculpture may be disappearing under the weight of the postmodern emphasis on socio-cultural content, the curators analyze the work of six contemporary artists. Drawing a parallel with late 20th century painting, they posit that just as formal abstraction is making a comeback so is the phenomenal object. They explore how objects that are sensuous, experiential and even inscrutable - but with no obvious "content" - place spaces and people in specific physical states and relationships. Artists include Tom Dean, Canada's representative at the 1999 Venice Biennale, and Martha Townsend whose work has been exhibited throughout the country.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (2000) 38 pp 13 ill. (6 col.) 10x8 in. softcover 0770327206 $10.00

A Century of Canadian Drawing
Susan Gibson Garvey.

Working from a selection of one hundred works ranging from preliminary sketches to finished works, Garvey discusses the history, theory and evolving context of drawing, with special attention to contemporary issues. In three separate essays she deconstructs traditional definitions of drawing, situates Canadian drawing from pre-colonial times to today, and identifies contemporary movements, citing American immigration in the 1960s and 1970s as a major influence on Canadian art as a whole. Works by Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland, Harold Town, Arthur Lismer, and many more.

Dalhousie Art Gallery (1999) 52 pp 34 ill. 10x8.5 in. softcover 0770327184 $8.00