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Kelowna Art Gallery

Liz Wylie and Diana Sherlock

FABRICATION.jpgspacer.gifNot so long ago it was deemed risky to make art that expressed a strictly female experience. Now, however, we live in an age when the cultural polarities of male and female are in flux, and much of the language around these states has become loaded and outmoded. So it is necessary to tread carefully in an examination and discussion of the work of the four Canadian women artists in this exhibition. For what can it mean in the current moment to self-identify as a female artist, and to consciously work from that perspective? The title of the publication refers to the very physical making of things, as each of the artists is involved in incredibly labour-intensive processes to realize the completion of her pieces. Yael Brotman and Libby Hague both have a background in printmaking, but moved into installation several years ago. Hague still works with paper, and Brotman is using plastics for the work commissioned for this exhibition. Laura Vickerson presents an enormous suspended fabric environment, and Gisele Amantea works with a text piece that involves her signature medium of flocking. Gisele Amantea is a Montreal-based artist who has been exhibiting since 1982 in Canada and internationally. Yael Brotman, born in Israel but living in Toronto, has exhibited widely, in both solo and group shows, throughout the country. Libby Hague is a Toronto-based artist with an extensive exhibition record nationally and internationally. Laura Vickerson is a Calgary-based artist with an extensive exhibition record nationally and internationally. Diana Sherlock teaches in the School of Critical + Creative Studies at the Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, and has published over sixty texts in gallery catalogues and contemporary art journals. Liz Wylie is curator of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Some of her recent publications include a monograph on the artist David Alexander and exhibition catalogues on Keith Langergraber and Bill Rodgers.

Kelowna Art Gallery (01/2017) 48 pp col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover   9781896749822   $12.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.

Drawing From Life
Liz Wylie

DrawingfromLife.jpgspacer.gifEight artists, all of whom have a strong drawing component in their practices, present large-scale works commissioned especially for this group exhibition. While drawing is an ancient medium, it is so often treated as a second-class citizen in the art world - even more so with the advent of new media and the saturation of contemporary life with digital images, which are obtained instantaneously. Drawing, by contrast, is a time-based art, a mostly slow medium as underlined in the photographs of the artists at work that accompany the full-page plates of the works themselves. The artists are David Alexander, Rose Braun, Jane Everett, Wanda Lock, Amy Modahl, Gary Pearson, Sage Sidley, and Johann Wessels.

Kelowna Art Gallery (12/2016) 56 pp bw ill. 11 x 8 in softcover   9781896749839   $12.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.

Deborah Koenker: Grapes and Tortillas

Liz Wylie, John Vaillant, Juan Felipe Hererra and Randy Lee Cutler

DKoenker.jpgspacer.gifCanada’s agricultural industry employs, almost exclusively, foreign temporary workers and their presence fuels debate on both sides of the political spectrum from accusations of exploitation to accusations of stolen Canadian jobs. Deborah Koenker focuses on the Mexican migrant workers hired by the Okanagan Valley’s orchards and vineyards. Through photography and installation she celebrates their hard work, their contribution to the Canadian economy, and their dedication to their families from whom they are separated for long periods. The artist’s intention is to put names and faces to a workforce that is typically isolated from the communities in which they work, largely due to requirements that worker housing be located on the farms, but as well by language and racial barriers, lack of opportunities for socializing, and the difficulty of accessing transportation. Related themes of food, food production, and the mega-agricultural economy are addressed in the accompanying essays. Born in Chicago, Deborah Koenker is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary artist with an extensive record of exhibitions throughout North America. These include solo exhibitions in Vancouver at the Western Front and the Richmond Art Gallery, as well as at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and in Los Angeles at Chapman University and Rio Hondo College Art Gallery. In 2011 her collaborative work with architect Roberto Pacheco was featured at the Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, British Columbia. Liz Wylie is curator at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Randy Lee Cutler is an artist and instructor at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and John Vaillant, the award-winning author of the novel The Jaguar’s Children. Juan Felipe Hererra is a California-based poet and author who, in 2015, was named U.S. poet laureate.

Kelowna Art Gallery (08/2016) 156 pp col. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover   9781896749808   $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S.

Jeroen Witvliet: Wayfarer 
Liz Wylie and Toby Lawrence 

wayfarer.jpgspacer.gifReferencing Hieronymus Bosch’s painting of the same name, Jeroen Witvliet’s Wayfarer series depicts nocturnal scenes in black, white and grey tones that when reproduced appear to have been subjected to black and white photography. While the paintings are fascinating in their seemingly random detail, they are interpretations of actual events such as the piles of trash left on Vancouver’s streets after the 2011 Stanley Cup riots. In this way Witvliet amplifies events to signify notions of memory and memory loss, and history and history loss. Trained in his native Netherlands, Witvliet acknowledges the Dutch painting tradition while challenging its contemporary position and its relevance beyond the infrastructure through which it was developed. Jeroen Witvliet lives and works in British Columbia. This is the first monograph devoted to his work.

Kelowna Art Gallery (08/2015) 46 pp 28 col. ill. 10.5 x 9.5 in softcover   9781896749761   $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

Christos Dikeakos: Nature Morte

Claudia Beck, Harold Rhenisch, Jeff Wall, Liz Wylie

dikeakos.jpgspacer.gifAs a first-generation member of the Vancouver photoconceptualist scene with Ian Wallace and Jeff Wall, Christos Dikeakos is as much an historian as a photographer. For Dikeakos, the process of looking at a subject overlaps with looking back. Reflecting a preoccupation with vanishing rural farming and orchard landscapes and the shifting economic terrain of the British Columbia’s famed Okanagan Valley, this publication features photographic images, prints and large projections as well as various objects and documents drawn from the region. The result is a multi-layered reading of place through art. The phrase Nature Morte, the French-language pictorial equivalent of Still Life, here connotes the literal death of nature. Christos Dikeakos has exhibited across the country most recently in Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965–1980. With an introduction by Jeff Wall. Claudia Beck is founder of Vancouver’s Nova Gallery, a pioneer among commercial galleries to show photography. Harold Rhenisch is a poet and novelist based in British Columbia. Jeff Wall is an internationally acclaimed artist. Liz Wylie is curator at Kelowna Art Gallery.

Kelowna Art Gallery (06/2014) 76 pp 36 col. ill. 10 x 7 softcover  9781896749709  $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S.

Ann Kipling: The Falkland Drawings, A Thirty-Five Year Survey

Robin Laurence

kippling2.jpgspacer.gifMuch of Ann Kipling’s drawing practice is carried on out of doors, on site, and each drawing is completed in one sitting, making her works encapsulated records of her eye and hand during a distinct period of time on a given day. This new monograph features a large selection of work from the senior artist’s sojourn spent deeply connecting with one particular place over an extended period of time. The various linear schemata the artist has developed over the years for depicting trees, grasses, and moving clouds are emphatic carriers for the sense of the place where Kipling lives. There is an intriguing sense of the duration of time that Kipling is able to achieve in her drawings, so that the viewer feels they can almost sense life and movement as their eyes rove over the surface of the page. Each work is imbued with a restless, almost tumultuous energy. Ann Kipling’s Kipling's work can be found in numerous public collections across Canada including the National Gallery of Canada and The Vancouver Art Gallery. Robin Laurence is an award-winning visual arts critic for The Georgia Straight, and a contributing editor for both Canadian Art and Border Crossings magazines.

Kelowna Art Gallery (03/2014) 68 pp 42 col. ill. 9 x 12 in softcover   9781896749693 $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

Keith Langergraber: Theatre of the Exploding Sun

Liz Wylie, Ryan Doherty and Charlotte Townsend-Gault

keith.jpgspacer.gifThis first monograph on the cinematic work of Keith Langergraber focuses on his three-part film entitled Time Traveler Trilogy. The first film, The Theatre of the Exploding Sun, centres around the artist’s alter ego Eton Corrasable making a science fiction fan film that transports him to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake in Utah. In the second film Eton shoots a fan film based on the novel and film by Andrei Tarkovsky, Solaris. The third film explores Dr Who fandom and Robert Smithson’s never realized Glass Island project. Langergraber’s work functions on several levels at any given point of engagement: sometimes spoofing the forms it imitates, in other ways, paying homage, both to past artists and achievements in science fiction. Keith Langergraber has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows throughout Canada, the United States, and Asia since 1995. He lives and works in Vancouver.

Kelowna Art Gallery / Southern Alberta Art Gallery (11/2013) 80 pp col. ill. 11 x 8.5 in softcover   9781896749679   $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S.

Bill Rodgers: Journeyman, A Ten-Year Survey of Work
Liz Wylie & Christine Sowiak

brogersjourneyman.gifspacer.gifCalgary-based senior artist Bill Rodgers has been working for several years in an area he has carved out for himself that encompasses both personal and historical research, and a passion for the palimpsest: a document rewritten over an erased original. This publication features seven different series - mostly paintings - ranging in subject matter from the 1880s evictions of Irish farm tenants to motorcycle race tracks as seen from Google Earth. The more time one spends with this fascinating and beautiful work, the more layers of meaning are revealed. Some references are undoubtedly personal, but the larger sociological indicators and bits of text are universally accessible. Publication of an exhibition opening at the Kelowna Art Gallery and traveling to Nickle Arts Museum, Calgary. Several full-page colour plate and a three-page fold-out illustrate two original essays.

Kelowna Art Gallery (04/2013) 52 pp 40 col. ill 10.5 x 8 in softcover  9781-896749-64-8   $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

Richard Prince: Telling Stories (with digressions)
Liz Wylie
richardprince.jpgspacer.gifVancouver-based Richard E. Prince works in three dimensions, espousing a “bricoleur” aesthetic and working method. This publication features a group of new works that are three-dimensional pieces, with some on wheels. Often his works have narrative aspects, and moving parts, and seem light-hearted in tone. Upon closer looking, however, darker and deeper themes may emerge. Prince seems to ponder metaphysics and the what-makes-things-tick aspect of life on our planet. Richard E. Prince was born in British Columbia and has exhibited across the country since his first solo exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1972.

Kelowna Art Gallery (11/2012) 52 pp 11 ill. 6 x 6 in softcover  978-1-896749-62-4  $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

John Hartman: The Columbia in Canada

Liz Wylie and Sarah De Leeuw

johnhartman.jpgspacer.gifDuring two spring visits to south eastern British Columbia in 2010 and 2011, Ontario-based artist John Hartman began a series of watercolours as he followed the path of the Columbia River, from its headwaters near Golden to where it eventually flows into the Pacific Ocean. Thirty of these works, all identified by the artist as to specific locale, are featured here. John Hartman’s animated expressionistic paintings have been exhibited across the country. In 2008 he was the subject of a major publication: Invention and Revival: The Colour Drypoints of David Milne and John Hartman (Carleton University Art Gallery).

Kelowna Art Gallery (10/2012) 56 pp 30 col. ill. 9 x 6.5 in softcover  978-1-896749-61-7  $15.00 Can. $17.00 U.S.

Okanagan Print Triennial 2012

Briar Craig, Lubos Culen, Liz Wylie and Tegan Forbes

opt2012.gifspacer.gifPublication richly documenting a juried show that features a wide range of original, contemporary work in printmaking. Dedicated to showcasing the creative forays made in printmaking in Canada and around the world, a call for submissions went out to artists across North, Central, and South America. The works of twenty remarkable printmakers are featured, including those by Derek Michael Besant, Mark Bovey, Liz Ingram, and Mitch Mitchell. Each of the seventy-eight prints in the show are reproduced in full colour with biographies and bibliographies for all artists. A curatorial essay and a jurors’ statement provide an overview of the event and the practice.

Kelowna Art Gallery (04/2012) 150 pp 78 col. ill. 8 x 6 in softcover   978-1-896749-57-0   $20.00 Can. $22.00 U.S.

The Point Is
Liz Wylie

thepoint.gifspacer.gifAbstraction and representation are usually seen as opposite poles in the world of art but artists have begun to blur the distinctions. This publication documents an exhibition of the work of five contemporary painters who all work in an energized zone that hovers between representation and pure abstraction. They are from different generations and have different sources and influences but all are linked by their interest in creating painting that is laden with existential content, imagery and meaning. The approaches that each painter takes to his or her work is detailed in the accompanying essay. The artists are Pierre Coupey, Landon MacKenzie, Martin Pearce, Bernadette Phan and Bryan Riley.

Kelowna Art Gallery (08/2011) 72 pp 17 col. ill. 9.5 x 7 in softcover  978-1-896749-55-6  $12.00 Can. $15.00 U.S.

Constructions of Identity: Recent Additions To the Permanent Collection

Liz Wylie

constructionsofidentity.gifspacer.gifAn introductory essay accompanied by individual portraits of the concerned artists provide an overview of the gallery’s most recent acquisitions. Among the artists featured are Byron Johnston, Gary Pearson and Wanda Lock.

Kelowna Art Gallery (10/2010) 16 pp col. ill. 11 x 7 in softcover 978-1-896749-49-5  $8.00 Can. $10.00 U.S. (6 )

Surreal Real Ideal: The Art of Joice M. Hall

Patricai Ainslie & Liz Wylie

joycehall.gifspacer.gifJoice Hall is known as a painter of large-scale landscapes that depict, in precise detail, the panoramic sweep of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. This retrospecive look at her 40 year carreer posits that Hall’s work goes beyond realism, and teams ‘the real’ with notions of ‘the surreal’ and ‘the ideal’ as organizing principles. Essays discuss the work chronologically, with separate chapters for each series of paintings, and ponder the urge to mimesis in her work. 

Kelowna Art Gallery (04/2010) 96 pp 41 ol. ill. 10 x 8 in softcover 978-1-896749-46-4 $15.00 Can. $18.00 U.S. (12 )

We Are Artists

Sara Lige
This publication features the results of a partnership between the Art Gallery and the Cool Arts Society, an organization devoted to developing the artistic abilities of local artists who have developmental disabilities. An essay and an interview are supplemented with more than a dozen profiles of the artists and their works.

Kelowna Art Gallery (11/2009) 44 pp 15 col. plates 10 x 8.5 in spiralbound 978-1-896749-43-3 $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S. (8 euros)

Eliza Au, Ian Johnston, Lyllian Kilmek: Module
Liz Wylie

Three very different artists, all of whom work three dimensionally, produce installations composed of repeated identical or similar units thereby suggesting older practices in building and architecture.

The Kelowna Art Gallery (05/2009) 54 pp col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover 978-1-896749-36-5 $8.00 Can. $10. 00 U.S. (5 euros)

Boundaries: Recent Works by Artists Associated with the University of British Columbia Okanagan


Publication of a group exhibition showcasing work by artists associated either as staff or faculty at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Thematically open and featuring a variety of disciplines, the publication contains an essay as well as artist biographies and artist statements. Participating artists include Gary Pearson and Stephen Foster.

Kelowna Art Gallery (11/2008) 90 pp b&w ill. 10.5 x 8 in softcover 978-1-896749-33-4 $10.00 Can. $12.00 U.S. (8 euros)

Derek Michael Besant: Fifteen Restless Nights
Liz Wylie & Diane Schoemperlen

Besant’s multimedia installation recreates a cross-Canada road trip, fifteen nights being the length of time it takes to make the drive including staying at roadside motels along the way. Besant’s own thermal ink print drawings of motel rooms were enhanced by contributions from musicians, sound-artists, readers and a writer. This collaborative project delves into themes of memory, the human body, and text. A curatorial essay and fifteen short texts accompany illustrations of Besant’s prints.

Kelowna Art Gallery (08/2008) 60 pp 16 ill. 9 x 7.5 in softcover 978-1-896749-30-3 $10.00 Can. ($13.95 U.S. / 8 euros)

Nexus: Histories & Communities

Edited by Liz Wylie

Nestled within the lush Okanagan Valley in central British Columbia, Kelowna has always attracted artists, many of whom live among its hills and orchards. As a result the Kelowna Art Gallery has developed a unique collection by some of the greatest Canadian artists of the twentieth century. In this magnificently illustrated publication artists and art lovers celebrate this particular wealth. Six thematic essays are accompanied by dozens of personal testimonies from the community. Nexus refers to the connection between the gallery and the public that was strengthened through this process. A timely lesson for any gallery seeking to widen its reach.

Kelowna Art Gallery (12/2007) 140 pp 90 col. ill. (10 fold-outs) 12 x 9 in softcover 978-1-896749-26-6 $25.00 Can/US (20 euros)

Road Runner
Linda Sawchyn
Kelowna Art Gallery (2006) 72 pp col. ill. 5 x 7 in 1-896749-25-9 $15.00

Mary Smith McCulloch: Landmarks
Linda Sawchyn et al
Kelowna Art Gallery (2005) 48 pp col ill. 10 x 7.5 softcover 1-896749-24-0 $20.00

Tony Sherman: Unthinkable Thoughts / Pensées impensables
Ibor Holubizky
Kelowna Art Gallery (2004) 84 pp col. ill. 9 x 9 in softcover 978-1-896749-23-5 $20.00

Break Away

Linda Sawchyn
Kelowna Art Gallery (2004) 28 pp col. ill. 7 x 9 in 1-896749-22-4 $12.00

Gary Pearson: One Way Ticket
Linda Sawchyn et al
Kelowna Art Gallery (2003) 32 pp col. ill. 8 x 8 in softcover 1-896749-19-4 $15.00

Field Work
Linda Sawchyn
Kelowna Art Gallery (2003) 12 pp col. ill. 5.5 x 8.5 in 1-896749-20-8 $5.00

Pendulum Pendula
Desmond Rochfort
Kelowna Art Gallery (2003) 28 pp col. ill. 7 x 9 in 1-896749-18-6 $10.00

Wood for Life: By Design
Roger H. Boulet
Kelowna Art Gallery (2003) 28 pp col. ill. 7 x 9 in 1-896749-21-6 $10.00

Gathie Falk: Visions
Linda Sawchyn
Kelowna Art Gallery (2002) 28 pp col. ill. 9 x 7 in 1-896749-17-8 $10.00

Percival Ritchie
Ihor Holubizky
Kelowna Art Gallery (2002) 32 pp col. ill. 9 x 7 in 1-896749-16-x $10.00

Designing a Modern Identity: The New Spirit of British Columbia 1945-60
Alan C. Elder
Kelowna Art Gallery (2001) 48 pp col. ill. 8.5 x 8.5 softcover 1-896749-15-1 $10.00

Jim Kalnin: Stream
Ihor Holubizky
Kelowna Art Gallery (2001) 32 pp col. ill. 9 x 6.5 in 1-896749-14-3 $10.00

Valley 2000
Jeannette Armstrong et al
Kelowna Art Gallery (2001) 36 pp col. ill. 8 x 8 in44 pp col. ill. 12 x 9 in No ISBN $5.00

Takao Tanabe: Wet Coasts and Dry Lands
Roger H. Boulet
Kelowna Art Gallery (2000) 28 pp col. ill. 8.5 x 12 in 1-896749-13-5 $15.00

Nobuo Kubota: The Exploration of Possibility
Terrence Heath
Kelowna Art Gallery (1999) 32 pp col. ill. 11 x 8 in softcover 1-896749-10-0 $10.00

Geert Maas: Passion & Vision
Marcel M. Teunissen & Gary Pearson
Kelowna Art Gallery (1999) 1-896749-12-7 $10.00

Chris Cran: Surveying the Damage 1977-1997
Nancy Tousley & Roald Nasgaard
Kelowna Art Gallery (1998) 60 pp col. ill. 9.5 x 8.5 in softcover 1-896749-09-7 $10.00