ABC Art Books Canada Distribution specializes in the national and international promotion and sale of Canadian publications on art, architecture and design. Through comprehensive marketing, catalogues, data exchange, and direct order fulfillment we sell to museum shops, bookstores, librairies, library suppliers, and book wholesalers throughout the country and around the world. We invite Canadian organizations with publication programs to contact us.

Submissions Guidelines:

We will consider publications that comply with the following criteria:

The publication is produced by a Canadian organization.
Accompanies an exhibition held in Canada or elsewhere.
Has not yet been published.
Is not bound by another distribution agreement.

If your publication fits the above, please provide us with as much as possible of the following:
Title and subtitle; subject; author(s); ISBN; format (hard/softcover); page count; retail price; release date.

It is important that we receive your data at least three months prior to your publication’s release. 
We may also consider publications released no earlier than three months prior to your submission.

Please send your data to Lawrence Boyle :