Published on the occasion of Fabricate 2017: International Peer Reviewed Conference, April 2017


Edited by Achim Menges, Bob Sheil, Ruairi Glynn and Marilena Skavara

Riverside Architectural Press
304 pp. col. throughout 9.5 x 9.5 in Hardcover
$49.95 Can. $49.95 U.S.
April 2017
This entirely new essay collection brings together pioneers in design within architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, materials technology and computation to explore the progressive integration of digital design with manufacturing processes, and its impact on design and making in the 21st century. Discussion on key themes include: how digital fabrication technologies are enabling new creative and construction opportunities from component to building scales, the difficult gap that exists between digital modelling and its realization, material performance and manipulation, off-site and on-site construction, interdisciplinary education, economic and sustainable contexts. Featuring cutting-edge built work from both academia and practice. Published in conjunction with University College London’s Bartlett School of Architecture.

Achim Menges teaches at the University of Stuttgart, where he is director of the Institute for Computational Design. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications, notably, Advancing Wood Architecture: A Computational Approach (Routledge 2016). Bob Sheil is director of The Bartlett School of Architecture. He has authored and edited numerous publications, notably, the earlier editions of Fabricate as well as Drawing Futures: Speculations in Contemporary Drawing for Art and Architecture (Riverside Architectural Press 2017). Ruairi Glynn practices as an installation artist and directs the Interactive Architecture Lab at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. He has exhibited internationally with recent shows at the Centre Pompidou Paris, the National Art Museum of China Beijing, and the Tate Modern, London. Marilena Skavara is a London based architect. Her project ‘Adaptive fa[ca]de’ was exhibited at ‘Digital Hinterlands’ exhibition in London in fall 2009 and published in Passages Through Hinterlands which featured projects of leading graduates and young practices.

Please note the book is available in hardcover, not softcover as previously announced. The retail price remains unchanged.