Liz Wylie and Diana Sherlock

Kelowna Art Gallery
48 pp col. ill. 9 x 6 in softcover  
$12.00 Can. $12.00 U.S.
January 2017
Not so long ago it was deemed risky to make art that expressed a strictly female experience. Now, however, we live in an age when the cultural polarities of male and female are in flux, and much of the language around these states has become loaded and outmoded. So it is necessary to tread carefully in an examination and discussion of the work of the four Canadian women artists in this exhibition. For what can it mean in the current moment to self-identify as a female artist, and to consciously work from that perspective? The title of the publication refers to the very physical making of things, as each of the artists is involved in incredibly labour-intensive processes to realize the completion of her pieces. Yael Brotman and Libby Hague both have a background in printmaking, but moved into installation several years ago. Hague still works with paper, and Brotman is using plastics for the work commissioned for this exhibition. Laura Vickerson presents an enormous suspended fabric environment, and Gisele Amantea works with a text piece that involves her signature medium of flocking. Gisele Amantea is a Montreal-based artist who has been exhibiting since 1982 in Canada and internationally. Yael Brotman, born in Israel but living in Toronto, has exhibited widely, in both solo and group shows, throughout the country. Libby Hague is a Montreal-based artist with an extensive exhibition record nationally and internationally. Laura Vickerson is a Calgary-based artist with an extensive exhibition record nationally and internationally.

Diana Sherlock teaches in the School of Critical + Creative Studies at the Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, and has published over sixty texts in gallery catalogues and contemporary art journals. Liz Wylie is curator of the Kelowna Art Gallery. Some of her recent publications include a monograph on the artist David Alexander and exhibition catalogues on Keith Langergraber and Bill Rodgers.

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